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Which Hair Dryer Is Better? How To Choose A Hair Dryer?
Jun 13, 2018

Method steps:

1, see if the hair dryer with intelligent sensor technology. Selecting the hair dryer is not just to see if it can blow out the hot air. It is best to select the hair dryer with smart sensor to automatically sense the temperature of the hair so that the temperature of the wind can be automatically adjusted. This can effectively reduce the dullness of the hair and reduce it. Hair damage. Normally, an ordinary hair dryer can only blow hot air. In this case, the temperature cannot be controlled. After the hair is blown, the hair is easy to dry and dry, and the hair is damaged.

2, see if the hair dryer with negative ion conservation function. After sleeping often, or when the hair is exposed to static electricity, it can easily make your hair messy and furry. Therefore, it is recommended to select a hair dryer with anion negative ions as much as possible so that static electricity can be eliminated and the hair that is blown out is more supple and smooth.

3, look at the wattage of the hair dryer is not high enough. If you want to blow out a variety of hairstyles, then it is recommended to choose the highest wattage hair dryer. Normal household hair dryer wattage is often less than 800W, just to be able to blow dry hair, and can not blow out the desired shape, and professional hair dryer in the hair salon are above 2000W, so this is why the hair dryer in the salon can blow out more How plump styling.

4, see if the hair dryer with cold air function. Whenever you blow out the shape you want, you must shape your hair. Otherwise, the shape you blow out can't be maintained, and you blow it out. At this time, we must use the cold air function to shape its shape. Therefore, having a cold air function is a necessary function of hair care and is indispensable.

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