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In Life, Hair Dryer Or Home Care Is A Good Helper, You May Wish To Try.
May 03, 2018

When it comes to hair dryers, everyone first thinks about blowing hair. In fact, in life, hair dryer or home care is a good helper, you may wish to try:

Shoulder and neck pain. Stiff neck, periarthritis, and summer coolness often cause shoulder and neck pain. The hot air from the hair dryer can directly reach the disease, improve the local blood circulation, and play the role of Shutong blood, cold and pain relief. The method is as follows: first use the wine or safflower oil to rub the affected side skin, then use a hair dryer to blow the hot wind along the shoulder and neck, until the local skin flushing, with the index finger, thumb gently kneading, and pinching. This method also applies to low back pain caused by trauma or cold.

Treatment of periarthritis: You can choose to use a hair dryer at the appropriate distance to the affected area, (to use hot air) to blow about 10 minutes, insisted twice a day, (when re-blowing, if the affected part is coated with alcohol and other curative Items that have better results can be relieved or healed after about a month.

cold. Medical research shows that when the ambient temperature reaches °C, the influenza virus can be suppressed and it will be killed at 42°C. Therefore, when the cold starts, the patient can blow the nose tip and two nostrils up and down about 10 cm from the nose for 5-8 minutes, which can relieve nasal discomfort, runny nose and other discomfort. Fever patients may wish to use a hair dryer to blow Dazhui (at the 7th cervical spinous process under the spinous process) for 3 to 5 minutes at the same time of drug treatment, which can affect the body's body temperature regulation center, and promote a large amount of perspiration to facilitate fever. Blow 2-3 times a day until the body temperature returns to normal.


Foot sweat. Sweaty people's shoes are always wet, not only affect the comfort of wearing, but also cause fungal infection in severe cases. Before you wear shoes, you may wish to use a hair dryer to blow a moment into the shoes. In this way, the hot air will not only make the shoes more dry and comfortable, but also kill mold and avoid the effects of athlete's foot.